Urchin les suspensions de verre par Mo-en Design

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Sasanian-influenced flask, dating back to the 11th century CE. Sasanian glass of Persia and Mesopotamia was the key model for glass manufacture in later periods, especially during the Abbasid era. Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA.  

Photo by Babylon Chronicle

"Detroit" "Detroit" "Detroit"


I need to have a conversation with someone who has heard of postmodernism.


Happy #MuseumCats Day!

A patron of “Sammy’s Bowery Follies,” a downtown bar, sleeping at his table while the resident cat laps at his beer, 12/1947

We have a few feline-related records in the holdings of the National Archives, but this one is a perennial favorite.

Also sort of a two-for, as we can get a head start for International #BeerDay on August 1!

I’m off to mingle, apprehensive about encountering yet another unicorn worshipper claiming that some idiot or another owns the universe because ‘book’ gets capitalized sometimes. Stay money, good ones.